Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Being Nikki - Meg Cabot

This book is a sequel from Starstruck. In the first book, superstar Nikki Howard, the face of megastore Stark, is pronounced brain-dead, but at the same time Emerson Watts' body is too destroyed from a falling tv to recover. The company Nikki represents, Stark, takes Emerson's brain and transplants it into Nikki's body. This book is the second and talks about how she reacts and feels about living the life of someone who is so completely different from her. Most of Nikki's friends think that she just has amnesia, but Emerson's real family and Nikiki's roommate and best friend LuLu also know the truth. But Emerson still has feelings for her old friend Christopher, but she can't tell him that. So Em in Nikki's body has to pretend that Em doesn't exist anymore and try to live the life of superstar Nikki Howard.