Thursday, July 2, 2009

Someone Named Eva -Joan M. Wolf

"Never forget who you are, Milada," Babichka said to Milada as she gave her a pin, her special pin. Milada was hauled away onto a bus with only one other girl, Ruzha, the mean girl from school. They were taken to a center and told their parents died in an air raid and the were going to turn them into German girls. Milada, now named Eva, stayed here for 2 years receiving schooling. One day they were shuffled into a church and told they were going to get adopted to a new family. Milada went home with the Werners, they had a daughter (Elsbeth) and a son (Peter). They all lived together and one day the allies were looking for high Nazis, and Mr. Werner was one. He and Peter left, so the girls moved to the bomb shelter, while the war was going on outside. A little while after that the Russians came looking for Mr.Werner; he wasn't there so they took all the important papers from his office. Before he came back, two people came to the door looking for a Milada. She said her name was Milada, they took her to her mother in Prague.
I would recommend this book for people who like adventures or historical fiction.