Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stray - Stacey Goldblatt

Natalie is horrified when Carver, the boy who gave her precious dog chocolate, is going to stay with them for the summer to help with her mom's vet clinic. She thinks he's going to be just a bigger version of what he was when they were nine so she ignores him. But he is kinda cute. She goes on ignoring him whenever she can, that is until the snobby girl, Laney, takes an interest in Carver. Laney tells Natalie that she likes him which causes Natalie to be mad. But why?
She realizes her true feelings about him and her mother finds out. Natalie is already on a short leash, and her mom makes it shorter. Natalie is ditching summer school, and finding ways to see Carver without her mom knowing. Will they be together or will her mom win the battle?